monger's GW Counter Spells

Creature (24)
4x Kor Skyknight
2x Earthfeeder Worm
4x Headwind Glider
4x Avatar of the Natural
2x Raiun Bay Admiral
4x Indomitable Duo
2x Lord Jared, the Griffin Knight
2x Twin Lis of the Divine Realm

Instant (2)
2x Sandscatter

Sorcery (2)
2x Savage Congregation

Enchantment (8)
4x Disassociate
4x Ardy’s Study

Land (24)
2x Seedshrine
4x Amber Hills
2x Grim Bastion
4x Resplendent Substratum
3x Forest
3x Plains
4x Wayfarer’s Shrine
2x Heart of the Glade

Sideboard (15)
3x Redtail Fencer
2x Planar Eviction
3x Reconstruct
2x Sage’s Foresight
2x Setting Sun
2x Earthfeeder Worm
1x Raiun Bay Admiral