CyberChronometer's Practical Guide to Villainy

Creature (10)
4x Unmasker of Fate’s Design
2x Performer of Ambition
4x Warden of the Dead

Planeswalker (5)
3x Zetla, the Dragon’s Voice
2x Lucien, the Grifter

Instant (8)
3x Seal the Tomb
2x Exeunt
3x Strike from the Shadows

Sorcery (7)
4x Stolen Secrets
3x Honorless Offering

Enchantment (7)
3x Chigau, the Red Market
4x Villainy

Land (23)
8x Swamp
4x Lavatorn Fields
4x Crumbling Precipice
4x Shardstone Rift
1x Corpsebed
2x Barren Desolation

Sideboard (15)
4x Rain of Ruin
1x Seal the Tomb
4x Duress
2x Salva Tore
2x Soul Leak
2x Unassuming Swineherd