JAN's Snow Tron

Instant (1)
1x Lonely Journey

Sorcery (13)
3x Duress
2x Serafina’s Gift
4x Poisoned Well
2x Guardian’s Revocation
1x Unburied Relics
1x Trace the Leylines

Artifact (22)
4x Warded Tome
4x Nexus of Possibilities
4x Mark of Majesty
2x Skull of the World
4x Runic Pillars
4x Abandoned Memorial

Land (24)
4x Northern Holdout
4x Winterheath Snowbanks
4x Winterheath Tundra
2x The Aetherite Saloon
4x Ancient Ossuary
4x Haunted Boughs
2x Crystal Grotto

Sideboard (15)
1x Mysterious Coffer
1x Chains of Subdual
2x Serafina’s Gift
1x Reconstruct
1x Guardian’s Revocation
2x Antithesis
3x Reconsider
2x Vitality Unbridled
1x Duress
1x Convergence Colossus