Pipsqueak's BUG Flash

Creature (18)
4x Champion of the Fae
2x Orichi of the Cold Mist
3x Cane Dancer
3x Tsang Jin, Master of the Jade Sea
3x Shinrin Spellhunter
3x Spectrum Archmage

Instant (15)
2x Opt
4x Reconsider
4x Soul Leak
3x Wither
2x Mariner’s Skill

Sorcery (2)
2x Crossing the Fog

Artifact (3)
3x Staff of Equilibrium

Land (22)
4x Mysterious Cataract
4x Grim Bastion
3x Wayfarer’s Shrine
2x Island
1x Swamp
2x Forest
2x Shifting Glade
2x Murmuring Falls
2x Nomad’s Township

Sideboard (15)
4x Earthfeeder Worm
1x Staff of Equilibrium
3x Wicked Weaving
3x Redo
2x Stolen Secrets
2x Lumbering Egil