monger's RTFA (Recall the Forgotten Angeltouched)

Creature (7)
4x Unearthed Legion
1x Archive Guardian
2x Soul of Iscathia

Planeswalker (4)
3x Rain Zai, Spiritscale
1x Bahum, the Warden

Instant (10)
4x Blood Frenzy
3x Singularity's Grasp
3x Crystal Wave

Sorcery (16)
4x Oracle’s Vision
4x Unquenched Greed
4x Recall Forgotten Eons
2x Bahum’s Penance
2x Burgeoning Blooms

Land (23)
4x Leyline Alignment Field
1x Tezmodo, the Golden City
4x Angeltouched Garden
4x Angeltouched Marsh
3x Angeltouched Saltflat
3x Angeltouched Crag
4x Angeltouched Cavern

Sideboard (15)
1x Singularity's Grasp
1x Crystal Wave
1x Bahum, the Warden
3x Sevid, the Lookout
2x Anguished Unmaking
2x Cognitive Fumigator
2x Judge’s Decree
1x Bahum’s Penance
1x Ignition Ritual
1x Mei Liva, the Exfiltrator