CyberChronometer's Big Dream Control

Creature (8)
4x Cane Dancer
4x Ancestral Council

Instant (36)
4x Opt
4x Exeunt
4x Memento Mori
4x Strike from the Shadows
3x Singularity's Grasp
4x Negate
4x Arcane Genesis
4x Mystic Arts
1x Molder
4x Once Abandoned

Sorcery (28)
4x Seek Prophecy
4x Dreamsight Well
4x Prying Inquiry
4x Grave Tutor
2x Truth Unveiled
3x Recall Forgotten Eons
3x Violent Collapse
4x Conjure Realities

Enchantment (8)
4x Deadly Manipulation
4x Rahit’s Study

Land (60)
4x Wayfarer’s Shrine
4x Flooded Depths
4x Grim Bastion
4x Mysterious Cataract
3x Lush Oasis
3x Shifting Glade
4x Flooded Morass
4x Murmuring Falls
4x Fungal Mire
3x Nomad’s Township
4x Crystal Garden
4x Arid Ruins
4x Unending Sands
2x Forest
3x Island
2x Swamp
1x Dry Island
1x Sunset Sands
1x Weathered Oasis
1x Corpsebed

Sideboard (15)
1x Reflected Moment
1x Singularity's Grasp
1x Violent Collapse
4x Still the Pandemonium
3x Stand Unassailable
3x Seal the Tomb
1x Just Business
1x Abscond