monger's ExxonMobil

Creature (7)
4x Union Rail Strikebreaker
3x Performer of Ambition

Instant (8)
2x Exeunt
4x Memento Mori
2x Fateful Journey

Sorcery (15)
4x Stolen Secrets
4x Honorless Offering
3x Wave of Decay
2x Duress
2x One // Done

Enchantment (8)
4x Deadly Manipulation
4x Villainy

Land (22)
4x Murmuring Falls
2x Flooded Morass
1x Cradle of Corruption
4x Flooded Depths
9x Swamp
2x Barren Desolation

Sideboard (15)
2x Thought Blossom
1x Chigau, the Red Market
1x Wave of Decay
1x Performer of Ambition
1x Exeunt
2x Duress
1x One // Done
2x Oshin, Keeper of the Shoal
2x Wicked Weaving
2x Lost Memories