BluesEclipse's Insert Clever Name Here (Touch Control)

Instant (20)
2x Invalidate
4x Portal Fracture
4x Arcane Genesis
3x Cursory Glance
3x Sandscatter
4x Sea Cache

Sorcery (8)
4x Seek Prophecy
4x By the Sea

Enchantment (3)
3x Golden Touch

Artifact (7)
4x Expedition Post
3x Intrepid

Land (22)
3x Snow-Covered Island
3x Island
3x Pool of Light
3x Sedate Tundra
1x Sea Of Skies Beyond
4x Ocean Monastery
1x Plains
2x Snow-Covered Plains
2x Wayfarer’s Shrine

Sideboard (15)
3x Once Shunned
2x Priestess of Simplicity
2x Gao’Wu, Master Soothsayer
3x Morning Stillness
2x Remorse
3x Negate