Kevin Norton's Angeltouched in the Head

Creature (7)
4x Nomadic Patriarch
3x Spirit of Autumn

Planeswalker (10)
4x Saigura Tam
3x Sevid, the Lookout
3x Rain Zai, Spiritscale

Instant (19)
4x Invalidate
4x Blood Frenzy
4x Danuri Charm
4x Crystal Wave
3x Rei’s Reinforcements

Enchantment (3)
3x Holy War

Land (21)
4x Angeltouched Cavern
4x Angeltouched Crag
4x Angeltouched Garden
4x Angeltouched Marsh
3x Angeltouched Saltflat
2x The High Prairies

Sideboard (15)
1x Return to Form
3x Conjure Realities
2x Bahum’s Penance
2x Farmer’s Repose
1x Charming Marauder
2x Cold Grave
1x Flush With Arcor
2x Stall Fate
1x Bahum, the Warden