HonchkrowDavid Mario Party

Creature (31)
4x Departed Evangel
3x Clinging Cacti
3x Autumnal Watch
4x Splitting Bloom
3x Young Necromancer
4x Blood Artist
1x Maghbri Oracle
3x Studious Scribe
2x Blightroot
4x Restless Pack

Instant (8)
2x Engrave
4x Roggar’s Frenzy
2x Bane of the Folded Fan

Land (21)
2x Forgotten Haunt
3x Wayfarer’s Shrine
2x Shardstone Rift
2x Grim Bastion
3x Swamp
1x Crumbling Precipice
2x Nomad’s Township
1x Cradle of Corruption
2x Forest
2x Mountain
1x Rampant Summit

Sideboard (15)
2x Chigau, the Red Market
3x Council’s Will
1x Jade Vault Reclaimer
2x Violent Collapse
3x Seal the Tomb
2x Imperial Siege
1x Antithesis
1x Cold Grave