HKD's Irony Curtain

Creature (27)
4x Zhedina Envoys
4x Logger Recluse
2x Disciple of the Buried Glade
4x Backwoods Cultivator
3x Waveshaper Apprentice
4x Aethermancer's Familiar
1x Caronas, Eon Wanderer
3x Snowfield Mother
2x Archangel of Hildrjorn

Instant (4)
2x Lost in Smoke
2x Extravagant Flair

Enchantment (3)
2x Judge’s Decree
1x Dregs of Order

Artifact (4)
4x Rippling Curtain

Land (22)
3x Wayfarer’s Shrine
2x Ocean Monastery
2x Mysterious Cataract
2x Forest
2x Plains
2x Island
2x Shifting Glade
1x Lush Oasis
1x Pool of Light
2x Sedate Tundra
1x Heart of the Glade
2x Resplendent Substratum

Sideboard (15)
3x Unbreachable Walls
2x Cold Grave
1x Lost in Smoke
2x Paragon of Honor
3x Remorse
2x Natural State
1x Lorani Detainer
1x Adoration