Sushi's Grixis Control

Planeswalker (5)
2x Mei, the Inflitrator
1x Lucien, the Grifter
2x Volta Hearth

Instant (20)
2x Pierce the Storm
4x Exeunt
4x Arcane Genesis
4x Strike from the Shadows
2x Crystal Wave
4x Unraveling

Sorcery (7)
4x Seek Prophecy
2x Scorch
1x Ignition Ritual

Enchantment (4)
4x Deadly Manipulation

Land (24)
1x Shardstone Rift
1x Magmatic Torrent
4x Flooded Depths
2x Crystal Cavern
2x Crumbling Precipice
3x Murmuring Falls
3x Island
2x Swamp
1x Mountain
4x Wayfarer’s Shrine
1x Aerie’s Pillar